Next Show

I am extremely pleased to be able to confirm that on Friday, March 6th, Brewer's Row will be joined by both Nick Africano and Paul Tabachneck at the Thunderbird Café, for what I promise will be a extraordinary night of music. Nick and Paul are each an enormously talented songwriter and entertainer. They have each released a terrific solo album in this past year. Either one by himself would be worth getting out and driving in and staying up and shelling out way more than you'll need to see them each on stage, back-to-back, in this one place, on this one night. If you happen not to know them, I encourage you to do some Internet research.

Oh yeah, Brewer's Row will be there, too, and not a moment too soon, not for some people, not for me. We're going to give you some new stuff, some good old stuff, and some stuff you haven't heard from us in a long time. Then we're going to bring our guests up onstage and do something historic.

Our Nicholas has (in addition to writing three quarters of the music we perform, and working his butt off every time we perform it) created a poster to promote and to celebrate this upcoming event, and you see it here.

The Thunderbird Café is at 4023 Butler Street in Lawrenceville (15201). Showtime is 9:00 sharp.

See you there!