Brewer's Row on WYEP!

Here's some exciting news. Each day next week, beginning on Monday March 21st, WYEP (91.3 FM in Pittsburgh) will air a short spot as part of their "Local 913" program, featuring an interview of our Nicholas by Cindy Howes followed by the song "In the Night" from our album, There Was a Time We were Kids. They were good enough to share the exact times that the spot is scheduled, so we're going to share them with you.

  • Monday 3/21: 9:30am
  • Tuesday 3/22: 8:30pm
  • Wednesday 3/23: 11:30am
  • Thursday 3/24: 10:30pm
  • Friday 3/25: 2:30pm
  • Saturday 3/26: 9:30am
  • Sunday 3/27: 2:30pm

In case you're not near a radio any of those times (or in case you want to listen to it over and over, like some of us might) you'll also be able to listen via their website after 9:30 Monday morning.

When you've heard it, you just might want to let the nice folks there know just how much you like hearing your favorite band on their radio station. (That applies even if your favorite band isn't the same as mine!) That's the only way they'll know that it makes a difference to you.