"Send Me Away"

Send me away with my duffel and my papers 
Got an apple saved for later cause, Momma, you say 
It'’s a day by train there

Send me away with my ball cap and my sneakers 
With my jeans and holey t-shirts 
With my flooded reddened features

You told me you’re hard up, Momma 
Said the state'’s gonna take me if I ain'’t a good baby 
You told me to clean up, Momma 
This house ain'’t about to get broke over a bruise and a dirty living room

Send me to Memphis, hundred dollars for your sister and a letter 
“I swear it ain’'t my choice, they want the boy, my check don’t meet his needs 
He got a cripple leg, he’'s just thirteen, don'’t make me beg, 
Don’'t put me on my knees. Oh Jesus please. Oh Jesus please.”

You told me to buck up baby 
Said it ain’'t really leaving ‘cause you’ll come for me later 
You told me it'’s tough for a lady like you 
If you could choose I’'d be staying. If that’'s true you wouldn’'t have to say it

I read your letter. I take the money. I skip the train and sell the ticket 
Now I gone near four years in the streets and only my only is fear turning the corner 
Just to meet you face to face 
And I tried to obey that day but I was having trouble playing your lame legged anchor weight 
And I wouldn’'t be afraid if I knew you'’d see your baby'’s eyes through his beard and dirty rag disguise

Now it's me that'’s hard up, Momma 
If you didn'’t want me 
You could have said so, I would have let go 
I thought we could get up, Momma 
And my braced and bound knees were so weak, why couldn’'t your heart keep up with me?


©2006 Nicholas Hohman