Early afternoon and your head is on the pillow 
You’ll be leaving soon and nobody will know 
You’re not asleep but you’re drunk with desire 
Your skirt’s a little shorter but the stake’s a little higher

So out the window and down the dirt road 
In another hour at the 7-eleven 
Prince Charming picks you up in his pickup truck 
You’d sit next to him but his buddies ride shotgun

And its not what you expected 
Dirt on your skirt in the bed of the Ford 
At least you’re not rejected 
He flirts with the clerks at the liquor store 
Your pride is still protected 
You duck out of sight as a neighbor drives by 
Your tears are kept in check, the 
Best still to come as the night is still young

He skids to a stop you notice the sun’s heat 
Parked at the dance hall he changes your plans 
His boys walk off you get in the front seat 
Sharp as a band saw he touches your hand

You don’t care it’s what you wanted anyway 
Today wasn’t any day as he pulled away from the hideaway 
You were there. You felt the things you wanted to 
Until he felt the night was through and he was through with you 
He left you too 
Walking home 
All alone

Now your sorry that you 
Said what you said 
Did what you did 
Didn’t look the other way 
Didn’t stay 
Should have gone away 
Now it’s much too late 
Done the deeds you hate 
Left it up to fate 
Nothing left to say 
That was your day

Now it’s over, it’s over 
The clock strikes twelve 
and its back to the same old hell 
One chance 
Just one dance 
You had big plans 
It was your last stand 
It’s past and 
The bastard is passing for 
Prince Charming again

When will learn, learn, learn? 
When will you learn?


©2002 Nicholas Hohman